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[Request] Packard Bell SB85 unlock hidden tabs and settings
Hi there,

I have an old Packard Bell SB85 laptop. I'm very happy with, and i'm doing to upgrade it (change cpu for X9000, change battery, and change LCD screen to pass at WUXGA resolution, i checked, and it can work!)

I know it's an old model, but I tell myself that as long as it works well for what I do why change it? and I do not like throwing material.

Can you please modify this bios? here

Before my request, i tried to use an other bios from this forum: request for SB87 model

SB87 and SB85 seem to be very similar, in fact i was expecting only different amounts of RAM, HDD and GDDR between them.
But after flashing the modified bios, the LCD screen remained black, nothing on the DVI and HDMI outputs, though it booted "normally" (except for a long beep followed by two short).
I think because SB85 have PM965 chipset (without IGP, contrary to GM965). 
When I looked at the hidden options that had been added (with PBE), I saw that there was some for the IGP, but yet the graphics card selected by default was PEG ...

I was also surprised to find the same strings about the same options hidden in my original bios ...
Then, the file PB34A05.bin that I recovered came from an executable named "en_sb85_86_88_bios_4a05.exe" ...
To finally think that the bios of SB87 would be compatible was a mistake and I would have to doubt it just in the name of the exe.

Blindly, i was able to boot on the usb and reflash the original bios but I was very afraid anyway ^^.
I could also recover the old bios on a second motherboard to restore it, (I have a good experience in smd components)

Anyway, thank you very much for your help and congratulations for all that you do, it's awesome :Smile 
Have a nice weekend,

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