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[Request] Supermicro X9SRA Unlock (TDP/Multiplier)
Hello everyone!  I currently run a Xeon E5-1680v2 on a Supermicro X9SRA motherboard.  I've done some rudimentary BIOS mods to add some necessary features (NVMe support and expose multiplier settings).  Although the mods did technically allow me to overclock (I can max all cores at 3.7GHz instead of 3.4), attempting to go beyond 3.7 seems to have no effect.  I believe this is due to the CPU running up against the TDP limit set by the motherboard (115W), as using XTU I can get single cores to clock higher.  What do you guys think can be realistically achieved?  The highest rated CPU that this motherboard can support has a TDP of 150W, so clearly there is more headroom available... If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it a lot!  Just by unlocking the TDP 4.1GHz should be achievable, and if increasing the voltage was also possible then probably much higher clocks could be achieved.  Thanks in advance!

I have attached a stock version of the BIOS here.

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