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Request : change gpu tdp 90w to 115w
Hello, so i have  acer predator helios 300 -2020 with RTX 2060 and i7 10th and I read on the internet every laptop with 10th comes with 115w but for some reason only acer limited the watt to 90w and other laptops with 10th gen cpu comes with 115w and higher speed can I change mine to 115w and rise up the speed? my bios is locked thanks
Join to the maazraad's request since i have a problem that I think is similar. I have a max Q version of rtx 2060 on my laptop, and want to unlock the actual voltage (65w), at least 80\90w like the regular version of this vga. I tried to flash regular 2060 bios but is impossible skip the recognition of ID by the nvflash. Any help is appreciate thanks


Instead to find anyone for help my to edit my default bios...
After many research on google, have found a command in nvflash for force flash over a different device ID, in this case I can flash the regular bios of 2060 fully unlocked.
Command is: nvflash -4 -5 -6 file.rom

The question is...
In case of brick for any problems inherent to a bad flash, Can I reflash my backup default bios and restore? In case of brick, theorically the intel inbuild graphic must work.. right?
Thanks in advance
Hey man, i tried to upgrade my vbios from 90w to 115w and its worked fine but there is not too much difference for example in cyberpunk 2077 same fps but in witcher 3 i got almost 10 extra and in heaven bench mark with my 90w i got score 4700 and with my 115w i got 5000, so there is not too much difference i dont recommand u to upgrade it but if you want to try and you have any question feel free to ask me. before u do anything make sure you make backup to your vbios so if you brick your gpu you wont need flash programmer to fix it thanks.

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