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Request on Compaq CQ60 210US Bios unlock ( unlocked bios in post num. 13 )
Can someone point me to bios file? I cant seem to find it. Whats the file name?
Its uploaded in post num. 13 in my reply , it was reported that it works perfectly .

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Sorry for posting here, I realized this Compaq model although very similar in name to mine, has another CPU integrated.

I open another thread for unlocking BIOS in my HP laptop:
(09-08-2011, 06:49 AM)Kim32 Wrote:
(09-08-2011, 06:39 AM)kizwan Wrote: There is no AHCI module. AHCI doesn't require ROM/firmware to work. I might know why windows unbootable after AHCI enabled. The BIOS might be missing AHCI INT13 support. I have no idea how to add missing instruction code into BIOS, unless we have the BIOS source code.


But i trid remove my hdd/sdd from my laptop, put it in AHCI NATIVE mode but post hangs even if there is no hdd there :S But if i Use AHCI Legacy mode the post work fine, but windows/linux hangs when is start to boot.. any idea?
So it will be hopless to get AHCi to work?

Same thing happens to me, doesn't matter if HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlset / Services / msahci / Start is set to 0 or 3.
Knowing this is an older thread...
I've been working to restore a Compaq Presario CQ50-215NR here, installed a small 128GB Silicon Power SSD, flashed this modded bios ('new menus' from post #13), but alas, my results were the same as others, since Samsung Magician reports that AHCI Mode is Deactivated, 3.0Gb/s interface (Magician reads basic info off non-Samsung drives).
1) AHCI Legacy: Win10 freezes while booting when the circular loading animation starts below the logo - and this was with the minimal safe boot recommended, and with the dword switch from 3 to 0. I also tried loading the DVD to reinstall on AHCI, no luck.
2) AHCI Native: Did not boot at all.
One thing I noticed was that the temp rise while in the modded bios, actually causing the system to shut down for self-preservation.
A few other sources out there claim the CQ50-215NR is already in AHCI mode, but I don't buy it.

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