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(Revised) Xeon X5460 LGA771 Unicode for Dell Inspiron 530
Hi guys, i will need your help to insert Unicode for Xeon X5460 (LGA771) in my dell inspiron 530. I tryed to extract the bios file using command prompt (dellbiosfilename.exe /writeromfile) but the .exe just run as an normal installation and won't let me extract the .exe file.

Current Motherboard : Foxconn G33M02 (LGA775)
Current CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 (LGA775)
Currenct BIOS version : Dell (Phoenix Award) BIOS 1.0.18

 (BIOS currently locked by Dell)

The pictures joined is with the current processor. i will install the Xeon X5460 once Unicode is inserted to the bios.

New Processor infos:
CPU: Intel Xeon X5460 Harpertown LGA 771
S-Spec: C0 (SLANP)
CPUIDs 10676 (SLANP)

Here's the complete specification link for the Xeon X5460

Here's the Oem Dell BIOS link : DELL BIOS


if Something is missing feel free to ask !

Thanks !!!
Intel cpu microcode now inserted.

.zip (Size: 479.44 KB / Downloads: 8)
(06-02-2018, 12:19 AM)LLC Wrote: Intel cpu microcode now inserted.
Thanks LLC for taking your time to mod this bios. Its really appreciated !

Now ? do i need to create a flash usb dos bootable drive with phoenix utility?

i tryed to put the xeon in the computer but unfortunetly the computer isn't start properly.

The computer strats right away when i plug the power cord and stays open no display and no Windows.

It is mean not only microcodes need, and what?
I don't know that right now.
How to know? Which step do we miss?
I mean, the processor executes the bios code or not, if so, where does it stop ? And also understand what in the sequence of processor commands needs to be changed for it to be properly initialized. Cpu may be work, but motherboard not give right Vcore or fast auto power off when bios code detected unknown processor, it's assumptions. Because the detailed sounds, noises, light signals are not described.
Ill make furter test tomorrow. But thing i can say. No speaker sound, black display, turn on right when i plug the power cord, red light appears on my graphic card and i cant turn it off with the power switch. I have to turn off power supply switch or unplug it.
Quote: i cant turn it off with the power switch
You press "Power SW" button 5 sec (force shutdown) or less ? Have you button "RESET" ?
Quote:No speaker sound
Even when all memory slots are empty (memory modules not inserted) with the new processor ?
Try to read -

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