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Shuttle SB51G Support Request - CPU Upgrade (Prescott?)
Hello - I have a Shuttle SB51G that still works great, but is limited to Willamette and Northwood family of 478-pin CPUs. I would very much like to put a much better CPU (something with SSE3, at least) in, but currently, unsupported CPUs as such will render a boot failure (blank screen).

If anyone can help (or point me in the right direction), I would be very appreciative.

Edit: I have also done a fair amount of DSDT editing, if it's worth anything (never injected DSDT changes into a BIOS itself, however; loaded with bootloader that supports DSDT.aml file)

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i think if you add the cpu microcodes from suitable mobo it may boot since there maybe hardware restrictions like vrms on pentium d only lga775 mobos

bios links and suitable donors would help too

also a bios since shuttle stopped hosting the bios files for the board you can do that with winflash i think
Ok, I've updated my OP with a dump of the BIOS. One more question pops into mind - I also have a mobile celeron (specs found at ) which is 478-pin, and has the same FSB (533) as the Northwood I'm currently using - would it be possible to gain support for this CPU via a microcode update as well, or would there be some other limitation preventing that possibility?

Thanx again for any help!
about the mobile celeron no that will not work on the shuttle since its a core (yonah) based cpu .
(06-28-2012, 07:15 AM)mikemike097 Wrote: about the mobile celeron no that will not work on the shuttle since its a core (yonah) based cpu .

I kinda figured that was just really wishful thinking on my part Tongue

I've been trying to use some different BIOS modification tools but I haven't had any success with anything, yet. One tool supposedly lets you replace the DSDT in a BIOS, but every time I try to patch mine in, when I re-export to check it's the original :/

Anyway, I can continue loading my dsdt.aml file via my bootloader - I would very much like to at least get a Prescott in there, if possible.

Also, if there's a resource anybody can point me to that would help me understand a little more about the nature of the hack I'd like to accomplish, I'd be very grateful! Thanx for the replies so far!
I found a computer that's got a lot of similarities (ICH5 instead of ICH4, but other than that, same basic chipset) and I believe the BIOS is Award - has downloads for both their BIOS and a microcode update for Prescott CPUs. Would this be sufficient for adding the microcode, or would it be better to download (and extract) from intel?

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