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[Solved] Possible AWARD Bios Mod for HP Pavilion s3750t?
I just verified that the bios file on the bootdisk I'm using to up date is the same as the one you sent me (same sha1sum).  It's almost like the awardflash is just going through the motions and not actually flashing.
Did you checked the byte at offset 0x10001 (in file irv5.23)?
Try to find other method to flash. Try to pass /f key to awd8833S
Got it all working.

The problem was how I was burning the CD I was using for flashing the BIOS. To make it bootable, I was using the original HP bootable disk image along with my new files.

The strange thing was that in windows and linux, I could mount the burned CD and see the correct files present. BUT, when I booted the CD on the target computer, the files that showed up within DOS were the ones from the original HP BIOS update disk!! I was flashing the original BIOS over and over again! I was maddening because I would take that same CD and look at the files on another computer and see clearly that the new BIOS was there.

I noticed it when I added another awdflash executable to my CD and it didn't show up when booted to DOS!

I ended up mounting the original HP floppy image in linux via a loopback device and changed the BIOS file.

It bypasses the CPU whitelist now and works perfectly.

Thanks so much for your help!!
Nice news!
Please post new topic in Confirmed CPU Support Upgrades with attached BIOS mod.
And add "[Solved]" to this topic's header by editing first post.
P.S. Can you post the text line from CPU-Z TXT Report beginning with MSR 0x00000017?

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