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Successful logo insertion to award/phoenix bios!
Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the helpful replies and the help that I got here in getting my custom logo inserted into my bios! It works perfect! I had indicated that I was more than willing to pay someone to do this or even if they helped me get this done. Well it is time to pay the piper so to speak. I have got no help from anyone at this dead end of the internet as no-one her is willing to help anyone. I did this on my own without any assistance from anyone here or anywhere else. It was only through my own determination that I was able to do this. I found no help here as well when I went looking for the instructions on how to enable NVME functionality on a Z77 chipset bios, and I did that by myself as well. No offense guys but this is a worthless site that is better off not taking up the bandwidth of the internet. It helps no-one and is now just a social club. I'm sure at one time long ago it may have been something, but no longer. Well gotta go and get myself a well deserved steak dinner at the best place in town. That is my reward for my own hard work. It could have been someone else's reward if they were any help.... but not this bunch.

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