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Surface Pro 3 - bios password lost
I have a Surface Pro 3 and the bios has a password set on it that we cannot locate (likely a previous tech that we cannot contact).  I have dumped the bios using the intel ME tools, but cannot find/decrypt the password from it.  If I post the bios dump here (about 6mb), is anyone able to reverse engineer it to find the password?  The bios settings prohibit usb boot devices, so all I have is admin access within the OS (Windows 8.1 x64). I have found some tools that are supposed to be able to do this on a live system, but only for 32bit, so stuck.

As the screens are notoriously brittle on this model I'd really not have to open it to swap or reprogram the bios chip.
This BIOS does not store passwords, only hashes from them.
In this case BIOS password can be cleaned by hardware programmer only.

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