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T7500 support for Acer Aspire 7736G
I own a Acer Aspire 7736G which had a T6600.
T6600 dosen't have VTx so i looked to upgrade and i found a T7500 which has VTx.
Sistem works very fine but i want to get rid of this error that i get every time bios loads:

- here is the bios that you can find on the acer website :,%20Ultrabook&Step2=Aspire&Step3=Aspire%207736G&OS=701&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6

- and here is a modded version found on another forum, and that's the version that i run now to enable hidden menus for VTx (microcode error still present)

- bios of acer aspire 5720 which comes with a t7500 proc :,%20Ultrabook&Step2=Aspire&Step3=Aspire%205720&OS=702&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6

So the bios microcode needs to be modified to support T7500.
I am looking forward to find someone to do this mod asap.
(If time/money and not the skills to do this stops you to help me with this mod, please PM me how much i will have to donate to get this mod asap. )
someone available to do this, if it's resonable i will pay for this .
it's SLA44 or SLAF8??
as i can see on cpu world, the only difference it's the CPUID and the Core stepping.
based on the Revision, i think it's a "SLAF8"
if you need any more information please tell me.

here is my cpu info:

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo
Cores 2
Threads 2
Name Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo
Code Name Merom
Package Socket P (478)
Technology 65nm
Specification Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz
Family 6
Extended Family 6
Model F
Extended Model F
Stepping B
Revision G0
Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, Intel 64, NX, VMX
Virtualization Supported, Enabled
Hyperthreading Not supported

new info bassed on Intel Utility:

Intel® Processor Identification Utility
Version: 4.70.20130510
Time Stamp: 2013/07/22 00:03:28
Operating System: 6.1-7601-Service Pack 1
Number of processors in system: 1
Current processor: #1
Active cores per processor: 2
Disabled cores per processor: 0
Processor Name: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz
Type: 0
Family: 6
Model: F
Stepping: B
Revision: B6
Maximum CPUID Level: A
L1 Instruction Cache: 2 x 32 KB
L1 Data Cache: 2 x 32 KB
L2 Cache: 4 MB
Packaging: µFCPGA/µFCBGA
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology: Yes
MMX™: Yes
Intel® SSE: Yes
Intel® SSE2: Yes
Intel® SSE3: Yes
Intel® SSE4: No
Intel® AES-NI: No
Intel® AVX: No
Enhanced Halt State: No
Execute Disable Bit: Yes
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology: No
Intel® 64 Architecture: Yes
Intel® Virtualization Technology: Yes
Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables: No
Expected Processor Frequency: 2.20 GHz
Reported Processor Frequency: 2.20 GHz
Expected System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz
Reported System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz

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