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Uhhhhh.... how do I reset my site password?
I attempted to log in to the mobile site and received an error that there was a security token mismatch and to try again. I reset the password and the new temporary password gave the same error. 

I switched from mobile to desktop login and it magically started working with the temporary password — however for the love of bananas I cannot find a user control panel where I can update my information/password! 

Anyone have a link/location to that area? It seems the desktop site gets “locked” on mobile (iOS13) and I cannot scroll far and see some stuff “off to the edge” of the screen.
traurig traurig !!!!!!!!

I can't find the control panel too!!!!!

And: why, there is NO answer here !
Check USER CP at the top left below the logo of the website. Then go account settings and change password. It's easy. Big Grin

Something similar has happened to me on other sites a few times before. Now I know how to reset my password on biosmod. Thx

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