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Unlock Request LG-R590 bios in attachment
hi guys, first I want to ask what do you get with an unlocked bios? this laptop is almost 7 years old now and i need a bit of performance from the gpu. but I have already been overclocking the gpu for couple years now core 150mhz, memory 100mhz and processor clock(was a thing in old gpus) 500-600mhz. I get about 20-25% increase in fps with these values. so I now get around 50 fps from a game I used to get 38-40 with default clocks. but when I try bit more than 150mhz on the core it gets unstable and generally goes back into 2D mode, then I have to disable and re-enable the gpu to get it out of that state.

highest temp with these oc values I have ever reached is 71c so i think gpu has still some performance in it if i could just give it bit more voltage. cpu gets bit too hot to ever try anything so i will leave it stock. can you guys somehow crack this or can I just try the lg r510 h2 bios you have in the list and see if it works without bricking my motherboard?

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