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[Unlocked] Acer Aspire L5100 SLIC 2.1 and Virtualization
Hallo, best modders
i need the bios from Acer Aspire L5100 with
-virtualization and
-slic 2.1 for windows 7

Original Bios:

i have the bios only with virtualization and overclocking but without slic 2.1
or with slic 2.1 but without virtualitation and overclocking....
i hope you can help me.....Shy
Sorry lol Tongue - Heres the unlocked one with virtualization and overclocking with Acer 2.1 SLIC aswell!

1. Copy and paste ******.XRM-MS certificate file into C-Drive.

2. After pasting this file into C-Drive, go to START - ALL PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - COMMAND PROMPT. Right click on Command Prompt and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

3. When Command Prompt opens, type at the prompt: slmgr.vbs -ilc c:\********.xrm-ms and hit the Enter Button. Wait for the Script Host to answer you with a message that the license was installed successfully....this could take a few minutes and so be patient.

4. After receiving the message that the license was installed successfully, type at the command prompt: slmgr.vbs -ipk *****-*****-*****-*****-***** (Replace with any OEM SLP Product Key for your installed version of Windows 7 , they are not hard to find).Be Patient and wait for the message to say that the Product Key was sucessfully installed. After it says successfully installed, reboot the computer.

5. When you are back at your desktop, go to START - COMPUTER - right click on Computer and choose PROPERTIES and see if it is activated with an OEM product ID.

Flash at your own risk!

Please Report Back With Whether It Worked Or Not!

Please Consider A Small Donation As A "Thank You" If You Are Happy With Our Work

www find
hallo 1234s282,

It works fantastic, thank you you're my friend. if you ever come to Germany and does not indicate where you can sleep. I always have a place for you. (Please do not understand false)

an even ask please: can I delete ******.xrm-ms file after installation of C:?

a thousand times thank you .........
Your very welcome and thanks for the offer! Tongue

I would think that you can delete *******.xrm-ms from C once you have run the command , as installing the certificate copies it to a different location I think.

If it deactivates , just put the cert back and re rerun the command

www find

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