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[Unlocked] Unlocking acer aspire m7720
It should be only a bios problem. You can always try using SetFSB to change the BCLK.
I have an checksum issue cleared the cmos with jumper didnt help

Can anybody help me please ?

(01-13-2010, 04:53 PM)TheWiz Wrote:

This one I believe is newest, as it is R01.A4



can someone please help me getting my ram work at 1333 mhz on the aspire m7720? Smile

i installed g.skill f3-10666cl7t-6gbpk (3x2gb) memory, which is working in triple channel (as shown on aida64) when put in the white slots. timings are/should be cl7-7-7-18 at 1.5v.

1. with bios r01.a3 (mod by "china4ever" and i think also with original acer) i got triple channel ddr3-1066 sdram (7-7-7-19 cr1) shown on aida64 benchmark
2. with modified r01.a4 i get triple channel ddr3-1066 sdram (7-7-7-20 cr1)

i also enabled the bios-setting "force 1333 mhz" but nothing changed. so what can i do?

thanks for your help!
Hey Guys,

I have an M7720 and I just build in a 'OCZ Revo Drive 110GB' but it is not recognized as a bootable Device in the Bios and is not accepted by the windows setup installation.
Can I use this modded BIOS to get my OCZ Revo Drive bootable?

Thanks for answer!
I brick my mb during flashing the BIOS from windows. Is there any procedure that I can refer for recovery?
I have tried the usb flash driver and usb floppy drive, but system not detect as all. tried sata and USB CD also.
SATA CD tried to read on boot but noting happen.

Appreciate for any help.

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