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[Updated] Toshiba Satellite (Pro) L300/L305 (PSLB0U/PSLD0U) Series *Unofficial*
According to the official Toshiba website, the last official update for Toshiba Satellite (Pro) L300/L305 (PSLB0U/PSLD0U) models was 2008-07-25.

Today is 2019-03-04.  Herein lies an update to our BIOS that introduces CPU microcode updates for the CPUIDs 6F4, 6FA, 6FB, 6FD, and 10676.

CHANGE HISTORY for Satellite L300/L305

Version 1.60  2019-03-04  (Unofficial)
  o Updated to latest CPU microcode for CPUIDs 6F4, 6FA, 6FB, 6FD, and 10676.
    As of 2015-08-02 there are no further updates on supported CPUs.
 [Image: microcodeupdate.png]

Download BIOS v1.60 (Unofficial)


1.) Use the InsydeFlash executable in Windows.
2.) Make a bootable flash drive or burn the ISO and restart your computer with it having boot order priority.

-- Please download and make mirrors.  Thank you! --

(Notes:  This is my first time doing anything remotely like this and it worked out *very successfully*.  This morning I got up at 8:00AM and researched as much as I could about microcode and BIOSes.  The process was looking through different versions of InsydeEZH2O ( and InsydeH2OEZE ( to see if anything would be made easy.  Turns out to be completely wrong...  Both applications crashed in most features and weren't of any aid to change the microcode.  Seemingly, Insyde has changed the structure of their BIOSes many times so that there isn't a lot of compatibility among versions.  The InsydeEZH2O was useful in changing the Toshiba BIOS version for InsydeFlash to work seemlessly.  However they would not update any code or settings.  So, I compared the latest microcode information to that in the v1.50 BIOS and used a hex editor to paste it carefully into a new file after determining identifiable patterns.

Four or five hours of work later I said a little prayer to Satan, flashed with InsydeFlash on Windows, and breathed a sigh of relief as my computer booted back up and HWiNFO said that my microcode had been updated from v60F to v612!)

As I said, I'm brand-new to this; but I'm interested in finding out more ways to edit the BIOS to my benefit and the benefit of others.

So far here are some wanted features that I haven't looked into yet:

- Overclocking.  This BIOS does not allow clock multipliers of the FSB.  (Is this what you guys mean by "unlocking"?  I assumed you guys mean BIOS password bypassing; like if you bought a second-hand laptop or something.)
- SLIC tables.  (Do you guys need this?  I've never had the issue.)

Anyway...  Let me know if I can help out; and if you can help me out!  Also, I provided the direct links to the Insyde software because people really shouldn't have to go to malware-infested pay sites that make money off of infected people and distributing software that they didn't create.

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