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Where is located splash screen of an Intel server w2600 series?
Hi, change splash screen of bios it's usually easy for almost motherboards, i use Uefi Tools and search "7BB28B99-61BB-11D5-9A5D-0090273FC14D" guid and here is the splash screen, but with the 2600 series  of server and workstation mobos i get something like "GUID pattern "7BB28B99-61BB-11D5-9A5D-0090273FC14D" found as "998BB27BBB61D5119A5D0090273FC14D" in PE32 image section at header-offset 3B7Ch" it's not a raw section and i dont know if splash screen it's located somewhere in this section, nor how to extract it from this section, or if it's located under another guid. Any ideas? Thanks
150 visits and no answer? Come on, if you dont know how to do this tell me how to get Integrator Toolkit for servers, it's that the tool Intel told me to change this but it's not open for public download, only Intel Channel members can provide this free application but no one of the sales representatives i contacted want to give me that because i'm not a client, i bought that mobo to a particular so it's second hand.

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