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Where to find info on BIOS used on Dell MBs?
want to make sure the next laptop I buy has a moddable BIOS but I'm finding it very difficult to get info on what BIOS chips are in use. I'm mainly focused on Dell Latitude line at the moment, but am considering other brands also.

My mod rig only supports 8 pin SOIC and 3.3v so I only want to buy a laptop with BIOS of those types. The last laptop I bought had 16 pin and 1.8v BIOS Sad So I couldn't do anything with it.

I have d/led the tech repair manual for several Dell Latitude models and the photos show the MB model number but doing google searches on that has not resulted in spec sheets or any data on BIOS. Any ideas where to find this info? Or any suggestion on another manufacturer with more easily findable info?

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