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Winbook-TW100 32-bit UEFI (Baytrail) Bios. Requesting 64-bit upgrade.
I bought a Winbook TW100 (baytrail-T Z3735D ATOM processor). I didn't realize at the time I bought it, that Microcenter (the company who makes Winbook tablets) included a 32-bit only UEFI BIOS, and didn't offer a 64-bit alternative. I was wondering if someone could make me a 64-bit UEFI BIOS for it, that way I could finally install Ubuntu without 2 hours worth of workarounds. Also, seeing as this is a tablet, can anyone tell me if there's any chance of making this BIOS touch-enabled?

Here's a picture of the BIOS main screen.

If anyone does manage to get the 64-bit UEFI BIOS working for the Winbook tablet, can they also make the splash screen say "| ULINCSYS |"

If the above can't be done, can someone at least unlock it for me so I can try my own hand upgrading it to 64-bit?

Thanks, -Ulincsys
I am also looking for 64bit BIOS for Z3735 series processors. Looks like "aava iniari" tablets have upgraded there bios from 32bit to 64bit. see or google "Aava inari 64 bios". They are providing Bios for there device inside Windows image (download link available somewhere on the internet).

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