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asus rampage formula iv pcie boot access
first of all sorry if i make any mistakes, im fairly new to bios flashing (im not even sure if this post is in in the appropriate thread please move it if its not). 

anyway im looking into buying a nvme drive with and a m.2 to pcie adapter (maybe the kingston hyper x predator for example) my motherboard is a asus rampage formula iv. i haven't found allot of info online in terms of booting an operating system from a pcie express lane but it looks like im going to need a custom bios mod to allow this to happen. i found a Thread saying that you could mod the bios with nvme modules from a x99 board but i literally have no idea how to do that or if the guy is trolling. im also not 100% certain on what i need to do to be able to boot from a nvme drive if its as simple as installing an operating system i will be fine. im also planing on using windows 10 of cause. if someone could share a little advice and equip me with the right tools and info i would be much appreciative. thanks in advance 

one other thing that i may consider doing is raiding two predator hyper x cards together as announced in this post would it be possible to do that with a bios hack as well? this is something i may consider doing in the future but knowing now will be a big help so i don't over plan or anything. i understand this type of technology is fairly new so if you ppl cant help me out. then just tell me. i would rather not know then have an uninformed incorrect answer (i have seen this happen allot. like going to your local retail store and asking for advice. people telling you that wall powered 3g/4g modems don't exist even tho you where looking at them online an hour ago for Example)

i just found a video relating to this topic. still looks like something more complex will be needed to be able to boot from the drive tho.

edit 2
this video basically shows basically what im looking to do and what type of settings im after. i have come to the conclusion that the only thing stopping this from working is the bios. i hope this helps if someone decides to make a bios hack for this

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