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edit my crap motherboard please
hey every one

i want to change a few things in a intel motherboard
problem is that intel don't give much options

but i notice in my bios it says ::: Extended configuration [Not Used]
and its grayed out

so i was hoping you edit my bios so that option is ungrey

this is the bios update files
P21-0039.bi1 :64.1kb
P21-0039.bi2 :64.1kb
P21-0039.bi3 :64.1kb
P21-0039.bi4 :64.1kb
P21-0039.bi5 :64.1kb :64.1kb
P21-0039.sig :1.22kb
Bios.rec :64.1kb
Iflash.exe :212kb :32 bytes
Autoexec.bat :14 bytes

also i was hoping that you can make it accept more then 512mb of ram
but i heard the 815 chipset cant be changed Sad
boardBig Grin815EFV

info(including the bios model name)

this is where the bios is downloaded from
Sorry Sad

1. Intel Motherboards cannot currently be unlocked for hidden options
2. Max memory is a motherboard hardware limitation , not a bios software limitation
3. The bios file is split and therefore cannot be messed with!

Sorry to disappoint
www find

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