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fujitsu siemens FUTRO S300 auto start after power loss
maybe someone is able to modify bios such way, that after power loss and power back terminal will start automatictly. Or maybe such opption already exist and need to be unlocked.

Link to bios:
In my opinion power-up settings are missing in BIOS issued with this thin client.
Probably the only way to get this functionality is BIOS update. As you probably noticed S300 isn't listed on because FUTRO S300 isn't product of Fujitsu, but Fujitsu-Siemens. Unfortunately htp:// doesn't exist, so there is no source for BIOS download. I wish I was wrong about that, because I have S300 and I miss auto start after power loss setting too.

I was wrong about missing BIOS on
S300 is listed in 'other Futro' list.
I'm going to flash my S300 to see about missing power-up settings ...

Here is answer to your question:
No need modify BIOS on Futro S300. Open the cover. The board get J7 jumper (near the speaker) and remove it. Now, the system will start automatically when the power.

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