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[half solution] to Memory incompatibility on Asus Maximus III Formula

I have an Asus maximus III formula and a pair of mushkin blackline 2000mhz @ 7-10-8-27 1.65v.

My problem is that these Rams aren't compatible with the mobo, and every time I start Memtest, appears errors, and in win7, BSOD.....

however, I found a "rare" solution for this: after startup the system, remove and reinsert one of the memory sticks (the second one).

So, i have two sticks, in the slots 2 and 4, (for dual channel) the 1 and 3 cannot be used, coz slot1 is occuped by part of the CPU cooler....

So, (i'm not informatic) but the mobo can be faked via bios? telling her that one of the modules is recently inserted??? emulating what I do removing/inserting them???

I'm using bios version 2001 for this mobo...



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