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lenovo k320-30192GU L-IIBXM:V1.0
Have mobo that Ive been searching for days to find info. With hours of serfing The only thing I can find is a L-IIBXM:V4.0 on a site I have to use google translate to read. Wonder If somebody can tell me any thing about a couple ?s about it. 1st there is a set of jumpers that are on the board E18 I know is
cmos clear/boot block bios recovery, but the other j2 is a huge mystery as its not marked on the board as E18 is. The j2 block is default 1/2 terms 2/3 has a r107 resister between the terms. Removing j2 to 0/0 has no effect and boots into windows unaffected. However If I jump 2/3 it seems to throttle my clocks by about half or more could this be to eliminate runtime errors in a dos environment? just wondering because If I take the hdd out the bios points to a
fdd module of some sort on the board and boots into freecom dos 0.84 pre xms_swap with an a: . something Ive never seen before. Ive always had to have a boot disk to enter dos. Also if I plug in my usb drive I can enter c: and access it. I have some pics of the board jumpers and pll ic
Just some of the info I have any one have any thing else on this board?

lenovo k320 core i3 3.2 ghz

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