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(request) Lenovo V570
(02-19-2012, 02:48 PM)Mick Wrote: Thanks for confirming,

Moved to unlocked /mod

Hello When I try to mod my bios it states "can not open firmware device file"
any ideas? trying to flash in windows 7 with the winflash tool from the zip.
Confirmed working mod on my Lenovo V570 (20092). BIOS ver. 44CN43WW.
I successfully installed Realtek RTL8191SE instead of my Broadcom BCM94313. Big thanks and good luck to mod author!
I could use this bios mod...I am trying to update my nic and it says unsupported network card. I tried clicking the link but it says "Not Found". Please repost.
Hello All,
Confirmed that the mod works, without the mod it did said unsupported WAN card for my factory provided Wireless card, i had changed the motherboard since it was dead.
I am facing two problems now though :
1) USB External drives both Flash and HDD are not detected at boot, so cannot install Ubuntu using USB flash/hdd drive.
2) Under Windows installing the graphics driver for the builtin Intel HD3000 graphics gives BSOD. Under ubuntu it works but causes ants/flicker on the screen.

Can some expert please suggest a possible solution to my problems.

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