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[request] unlocked bios for fujitsu celsius h710
So i tried it one more time with my existing hardware doing everything exactly like in the article. It took some time but I established a connection without the ac plugged in. I compared two dumps, they were identical. Than I flashed my first dump. And I took one more dump of the dump i just flashed and compared it with my first dump, they were identical, too.

Unfortunatly, there is still no reaction of the laptop when I push the power button...

I would order the pomona clip if you say there is a good chance that it can be fixed with that one. But isn´t there actually a good chance that the first two dumps are corrupted already? And isn´t there a good chance that I crashed my laptop because of the ac plugged in while flashing?
Dang... It looks like your machine is hard hard bricked. I am unsure of why the programmer can't recover it. The backups you took previously with the programmer look okay.

With the way you described it in your previous post, I don't think the programmer is flashing garbage to the BIOS chip, thus purchasing the Pomona 5250 probably wouldn't do any good. I just wanted to make sure that verification was happening to rule out the clip connection issue.

It looks like your BIOS chip (MX25L6405D) requires 3V, which the programmer should supply, so that shouldn't be the issue either. I cannot say for sure that having the AC adapter plugged in while flashing caused the issue. I think it is unlikely, but not impossible. It is more likely the BIOS chip got hit by static when touched (very easy occurrence without anti-static gear and you can't always feel/see it). That said, both of these are small chances.

This is my first brick (and first what seems like unrecoverable one) since I started BIOS modding...

A few final steps to try:
1.) Remove the CMOS/BIOS battery before proceeding to the next steps. I've read that sometimes the CMOS battery can interfere with the flashing process. You shouldn't need to put it back in to test the system after flashing. The system might restart a few times, take a little longer to boot, or beep at you if it is not in though - any of which are indicators that the system is at least partially alive.

2.) At the bottom of the AsProgrammer window when you click "Identify", what shows up (should look like some kind of ID values)? Get these values with a "good" connection (ie: when you are getting consistent/identical dumps verified with a hex editor). Maybe AsProgrammer doesn't handle writing to your particular BIOS chip well.

3.) Speaking of BIOS chip compatibility, is AsProgrammer automatically detecting that you have a Macronix MX25L6405D BIOS chip? If not, you may want to try manually selecting it before flashing. Click IC (at the top) > SPI > Macronix > MX25L6405D (or something that looks very similar, such as MX25L640.. with the last two characters being anything). Let me know if it doesn't have it listed.

4.) Try this after we try the previous two steps. It is possible that AsProgrammer simply does not handle the writing part very well with your particular BIOS chip.

^This link is to a GitHub page with a lot of information about the CH341A official software.

For Windows - For the programmer - Serial Driver

^^I think the Serial Driver package is the one you want. These links are from that above page. I would run the executable in DRVSETUP64 directory first so that the drivers are installed. Then install the software with SETUP.EXE in the root directory of the archive.

Hoping that these last ditch efforts will fix your laptop. If not, I offer my sincerest apologies.

!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!! Our Ukrainian friends are undergoing atrocities right now and need support. There are two things you can do for starters:

1.) Donate to one of various organizations offering medical, military, and psychological support to those impacted: Support Organizations

2.) Combat misinformation on social media. 

Also, please feel free to PM me if I have not replied again about your BIOS mod request after 5 days.
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