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s2912 Shanghia experiment
I have a Tyan Thunder S2912 (Non -e) which I have flashed to the v4.0 bios. It boots with S1207 Shanghai chips, but the VRMs are a little buggy. They have a current draw switch or something where if they get a little warm (not hot at all), the system automatically shuts down and will continue to shut down until you let the computer sit. Now I have temporarily fixed this problem (I think) by pointing a fan directly at the vrms. I have no way of attaching these fans to anything however and they are just sitting in my case ontop of things.
From what I read, the shanghais draw more power threw the vrms? and this will sometimes trip some over power protection thing. The -e have slightly different VRMS maybe for more juice, not sure.

Anyways, is there any way to relax the regulations put on the VRMs? If so I can run 6 Istanbul 6 cores on the system.

Also If I try to run the 5.0 bios, or 5.01 bios from the -E (boots up fine with one shanghai all day long) with two cpus, the motherboard turns on for 3 to 4 seconds and immediatly shuts off. Im guessing the regulations on the VRMs are MUCH tighter with these bioses?
If I can I would like to run the latest 5.01 bios with relaxed regulations on the vrms for shanghai and istanbul support.

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