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[unlock request] Video Bios on Acer Aspire One D250 BIOS v1.29
Hello, i have a broken screen on my AAO D250 - original one (LTN101NT02) with the resolution 1024x600. I buy a new one LP101WH1-TLA with 1366x768.
I do not have the schematic for the oroginal panel LTN101NT02, but i checked the schematic for compatible LP101WSA
Both have the LVDS 40pin connector and both have same LVDS signals.
I checked the connected pins on the 40 pin connector on the back side of panel and there are connected all that needed.
But when i connect the new one, i have only blank screen all the time from the start of the netbook. I can change the backlight in a few steps, but it doesn't work fine.
The external VGA works fine, when i boot into WXP and start the Intel icon, it shows the correct info, that the panel has resolution 1366x768. Even if i change the resolution the panel did not show anything.

I search through the internet and find out that this maybe caused because of:
1) the old Video BIOS
2) the BIOS has whitelisted only 1024x600 resolution on internal LCD.

I attached the screenshot about the info of my video card
[Image: 2yq.png]

I know that there was a AAO D250 in Norway with screen 1280x720 (

So why not use the 1366x768 panel?

I tried to decompress the BIOS but with no luck. Can anyone help me with this problem / i.e. unlock the resolution in BIOS, decompress the BIOS or update the Video bios.

It costs me the 80Euros and now i am stuck with the blank screen.

Thank you!
i have made a small success - i compile a new IEGD driver for WinXP, so the panel is now working Big Grin

The only problem for now is, that i can access BIOS only with external display connected.

The problem is in the BIOS, so updating the vBIOS to accept the new panel would help.

can you submit your drivers? Do you know if it will work with windows 7? I'm doing the same upgrade, to the LP101WH1-TLB1.

Did you maybe found the solution for accessing BIOS without external display?


here is the link to intel software - IEGD and EMGD drivers and software

I am not sure if the IEGD drivers would work on Windows 7.

As i wrote before, i was successful to make work the internal display in the system, when i connect the external one, i can access BIOS, but the external did not work in windows for me.

When the drivers are compiled, you have to choose many options, so i did only to work the internal.

I do not have a time to play with it, but i would like to try to work the external display

If you want, i can send you my last working driver (only internal screen in windows).

Also the brigtness is working only on minimum and maximum value -this should be solved by hacking the BIOS or step-by-step compile the drivers. My knowledge of the LVDS display is quite limited, so i am happy that i make it work as it is. Shy

Yesterday i spent few hours playing with this problem, here is what i found out.

When the system boot up with original flat panel and then i connect the new one, the brightness is working OK - every change of brightness up and down works.

The original intel driver provide with the Acer shows these informations about the flat panel:
original LTN101NT02 / HD LP101WH1-TLA
Type: Digital / Digital
Serial number: SEC554e / LGD01eb
DDC2: Yes / Yes
Gamma: 2,2 / 2,2
Connector: LVDS / LVDS
Type: LFP / LFP
Resolution: 1024x600 / 1366x768

The other thing i found out is that Acer did some modification to several BIOS updates about the flat panels, i.e.:

MODEL NO. : KAV10 RELEASE DATE : 01/20/2009
Major Version : V0.02
4). Add LG LP101WSA-TLA1 Panel
1.>Update Panel brightness table.

MODEL NO. : KAV60 RELEASE DATE : 02/03/2009
Major Version : V0.03
2). Fix Panel ID to match EC setting.
5). Fix LG panel brightness only 2 level.
2.>Update Panel brightness table.
0x01 AU B101AW03 V0
0x02 LG LP101WSA-TLA1
0x03 SEC LTN101NT02-A01
0x04 CMO N101L6-L02
0x05 SEC LTN101AT01-A01

MODEL NO. : KAV60 RELEASE DATE : 02/26/2009
Major Version : V0.05

1). Add Gint15 funtion for panel 1280x720 resolution.

As you see, the Acer probably supports the flat panel with resolution 1280x720 also, but no 1366x768

I think the right way is to modifiy Video BIOS than play with IEGD drivers

Can someone help with extracting and editing the BIOS? thanks in advance.
Please provide a link to the BIOS download, you can find this on the manufacturers website.


Here is the link to unlocked BIOS by CamiloML, where are unlocked some new options.

here is the link to original BIOS at acer site:

Thank you!
Hi. I have some problem with my Acer Aspire One AO532h with matrix LP101WH1. I solve this problem with BIOS modification. I replace BIOS modules with EFI video driver and video BIOS from other netbook for my model i'll take it from Gigabyte T1000X but my video is Intel 3150. I try change BIOS to you from Gigabyte T1028X on Intel 950. Sorry for my bad english. And don't forget reinstall original video drivers if all OK

Attached Files
.zip   Acer AOD250 1.29 (mod 1366).zip (Size: 738.15 KB / Downloads: 223)

did anyone used this BIOS with 1366x768 screen? Does it work? Does the dimming of backlit works as it should? If yes - could you please post here your exact type of display panel?

Thanks in advane!

Best regards, Michal
Hi SileNTViP,


I do not have time to play with it until now..
Yes, your modification works - the BIOS could be reached also on the laptop screen and i ca use normal GMA drivers and it works as usually - i can switch the external monitor and laptop display through the hot keys :-)

The display brightness is still only in two steps (min and max), but this is a big progress for me :-)

Thank you verymuch for that modification!!!Rolleyes

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