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win7 on old lap overheats and shuts down, need solution!

Don't know where to post this but, I have an few years old (link)HP Compaq nx9420 Notebook PC.
Few months ago I upgraded to win7 and lately the machine has been shutting down
after overheating and the fan has been running wild for a while, sometimes the fan
go´s back to normal and sometimes everything runs just OK but I can feel how hot
the machine can be.

Sometimes this happen when I am reading news sites and the machine shuts down,
playing a video seems to be ok, the fan takes off but no problems.

Been trying to search online for a solution and my findings are either related to CPU
or BIOS.

I have not upgraded the BIOS and don't know how to do that or where to get the
right update. This is the BIOS version: 68yaf ver. F.1D

About two years ago while my machine was still covered by its warranty I got a new
fan and the cooling "pipe"! (first time something broke while still covered by the warranty!!)

Do I need to check the CPU or cooling components or upgrade the BIOS?

What would you recommend to do?

have you cleaned the heat sink and fan?, I would do that first before worrying about bios mods or CPU upgrades.

What cpu do you have in the laptop?

(10-18-2011, 02:40 AM)toshiba Wrote: have you cleaned the heat sink and fan?, I would do that first before worrying about bios mods or CPU upgrades.

What cpu do you have in the laptop?

No I have not cleaned anything for a while, it might be some 10 months when I
opened my machine last time. Will do this later today.

Last night I downloaded SIW, here is what says about CPU:

CPU #1 Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5600
CPU name: Intel Core 2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83 GHz
No Bits: 64
Instruction: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, ET64, XD, VMX, EST
Original Clock: 1833 MHz
Original System Clock: 166 MHz
Original Multiplier: 11,1
CPU clock: 1833 MHz
FSB: 665.0 MHz

NO of Cores: 2
Core #1
Speed: 997.5 MHz
Multiplier: 6.0

Core #2
Speed: 997.5 MHz
Multiplier: 6.0

Turbo bost: Not Supported
Virtual Threading: Disabled
SLAT: Not Supported
Hyper Threadig: Not Supported
I have that cpu in one laptop, it runs cold and the fan hardly ever kicks in, I noticed you have a graphics card in your laptop rather than integrated graphics so clean that gpu and heat sink also.

Thanks for your help, before I found this forum I almost went by advice on some other
forums to upgrade the BIOS!

I agree with you about the fan, it hardly went on before. I have never before seen anything
like this. Where the fan blows out it was full of dust, much more than enough to stop normal
air flow. Similar to an old filter in a vacuum dust cleaner!

Nearly two years ago HP support changed the graphics card and few days later they changed
the heat sink for it as the heat sink was broken and the fan was on full speed all the time.

Now when done cleaning my machine run as normally.

I think I´ll have to speed up the full cleaning process and do it every 6 months but not ones a year!


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