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Help with disabling write protection ( Asus vivobook X507UF )
So one of my friend has an Asus vivobook (X507UF) and he used to use a spoofer which changed his serials and it worked fine before but now after some recent updates in game the spoofer stopped working, and now even if he use the spoofer hes getting banned so i thought of manually spoofing his pc,
So what i noticed is when the spoofer does its job all its changing is the smbios uuid, rest (serial, bios2) are the same always! So then i tried the amidewin tool to change these 3 serials and they changed ( serial, smbios uuid, bios2). But all of them reverted back after a restart! But then after that i used the backup tool to make a result file and checked!
The bios is write protected! but the spoofer somehow changed the smbios uuid, i have no idea how tbh! lol. So then i checked the bios region and i could find the 3 serials in many different offsets! ill provide the offsets below! So is it possible disable the write protection without the programmer tool?, Like it worked for me by modding the vars.txt file? I also tried to dump the vars.txt file using the h20uve's u gave me (differents version), and it only failed as it only works for insyde bios right?
So all i need to do now is disable the write protection and edit the hex and write back using the fpt tool! is possible? will it brick the laptop? Ill attach a zip with old results and new results (after spoofing) so u can compare them! the only thing i noticed that changed is the smbios uuid! Also in the zip, i hv attached the old and new hwids! so if u check only uuid has only changed!

offsets :
1. Serial number : N0CV1833MB0101626
offset:0x42C31 (not only this but if u search for the serial in hex there r multiple other offsets too, likewise for uuid and bios2 serial!)
2. Smbios UUID : 0826BF40-6781-3CC1-2F6E-001896EC42E5
offset: 0x42DC8 (im not able to copy the decoded text of the uuid as when i copy and paste, some characters are getting replaced by (@¿&gÁ</n�–ìBå) question marks
3. Bios2 serial
offset: 0x42AF8

And here is the zip file wih all info :

So i have provided only one offset here for each serials and they will need repeated filling when they needs to be changed right? only thing needed is disabling the write protection!

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