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Inspiron n7110 4-Core support
Hello all,

I currently possess a Dell Inspiron n7110 with an i5, and the chipset is an HM67. I also have in my possession an i7-2670QM processor, which I intended to install since the HM67 chipset supports 4-core processors. However, when I booted it I only had 1 core. The BIOS showed the correct processor but alas, something was amiss. The motherboard model is an 07830J, with no 4-core support, and an 0XMP5X, which does support 4 cores.

I can't find any answers as to whether or not it's just a locked BIOS or if the motherboard itself doesn't have the right mojo. I cannot find a specific XMP5X BIOS , however my google-fu may not be up to par.

If someone would be willing to accept this challenge, I would be forever in your debt. I used the unlocked UEFI A13 BIOS from this site, if you need the BIOS file. If you need my specific one, let me know.
Post a screenshot of Mainboard tab of CPU-Z.
Here's the BIOS I used:
Screenshot included.
You motherboard already has support of i7-2670QM -
A lot of sources I found when researching upgrade options told me that as well, but when installed it runs on 1 core only. When I get time I will reinstall the i7 and take screens. Thanks for taking a look.

If you wish to delete this no worries.
Install your i7-2670QM.
Flash original BIOS.
Go to BIOS and do Load Defaults, save and reboot.
Make TXT-report of CPU-Z, zip it and attach to this topic.
Run msconfig.exe, go to tab Boot, click BOOT Advanced options button, make a screenshot.
It makes little sense, but it is now working. When I installed it with the stock BIOS it only used 1 core. After I installed the UEFI A13 BIOS Mod on this site it works fine. It will probably overheat but it is working properly. Thanks for your attention, I've perused this site extensively and you do SO MUCH for people here. I see you.

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