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[Request] Dell Latitude D530 Intel T9x00 Support
Hello! So this is what's up, I have my trusty Dell Latitude D530 running a T7700. But I'd like to put a P8600 into it just for the fact that it's only 25 watts compared to the 35 of the T7700 (800Mhz FSB so the P8600 will probably run a bit slower unless i can make it boot with Bsel set to 266Mhz) I've done the Bsel mod and have seen post with my P8600 with the FSB set to 800Mhz on a stock bios but only when dual core is disabled, Bios has no idea what the cpu is as it just shows Proc ??? in bios. From what I've read on another thread is that Bios A11 and A12 are signed but A10 can be used, So I'll be using A10 as a base.

I have the microcode with the P8600 CPUID in the name as well the same platform id so I'd figure that's what I need for this. (came from a modded T61 bios with support for 1066Mhz cpus) My only issue is that I don't know how and also having a hard time finding info on putting that microcode into the Dell's bios (might just be looking in the wrong places too! ) I'lll leave the files I have on google drive with links below. The other thread got places but ended up giving up in the end. So I can't say I'lll get anywhere with this but some help would be appreciated of course!

Other thread:

Stock Dell bios A10:

P8600 microcode 10676:

Thanks to anyone who comes by! I'm happy to post images and such when and if needed. Big Grin Big Grin

I know that just adding microcode to the bios didn't fix the issues with adding anything outside of the max supported cpu listed from Dell but I thought I'd give it a go. All download links in the old thread are dead now.

Tried to use Cbrom but I figure it's not compatible with the Dell Phoenix bios as it just hangs. Is there something else I'm missing to do this? any help is appreciated.

Fluffy Angel

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