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HP BOSTON MS-7525 Xeon MOD Success

i am trying to install xeon e5450 SLBBM on my motherboard MS7525, i did all the steps and the flashin of the bios, but i does not work for me, when i put the xeon processor and turn on the PC, it runs like few minutes then it cut power completely.

can you please help me.

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EDIT 3: It worked, L5420 is working well and running fine, had some issues with the modded cpu initially (had to file the notch some more) but it now works and what a breath of life for this near 15 year old PC/board combo. On hindsight, should have went for the E5450 for the higher clocks, but as temperatures now hover around 50s idle may not be a good idea after all. Thanks topic starter and deathbringer for the bios mods!

EDIT 2: Alright NVM, after reading carefully reply #21 by joeblack2k8 said that the bios will show 5.31 after flashing this custom mod. Guess I was overthinking and the modded bios flash went without a hitch. Now I just need to wait for the Xeon L5420 to arrive to test it out. Currently still using the stock 1.8ghz dual core with 1gb ram (4gb otw too). On a side note, I'm surprised it managed to install win 10 pro 64 bit, in as ssd though.

Edit (NOT relevant anymore refer edit 2, keeping for record purposes and reminder not to doubt self): okay I seem to be having same issue like previous poster. Tye modded bios won't stick and it's still showing 5.31. My sequence of events were like this, original 5.04 bios would not run the freedos boot method, couldn't find 5.11 like a previous poster had so could only update to latest official 5.31...after that the dos boot method worked and everything ran perfectly successful, after reboot, and another reboot loading defaults and removing cmos battery its still showing 5.31

I have 2 official post here but I have already saved 2 otherwise still totally usable computers from being e-waste. Thanks Bios-Mods!
@DeathBringer, Hello
I have Xeon E5450 revision E0 SLBBM 3.0GHZ with Your bios mod v.5.31
But on motherboard max multiplier = 8.5, but should be 9.0
Why? Please help me
Thank You!
ALL GOOD - I take of battery from MB and put in again!
After that Works on 3.00 with M=9!
Xeon l5410 works fine on my computer MS - 7525
Thanks Death Bringer for the bios mod.
You saved my life

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Two more success reports. One L5420, one L5410, both on HP Compaq dx2390. Thanks Death Bringer for the bios mod.
Could you explain the operation method in detail,I can't download it,I'm too stupid.
Q8200 on dx2390MT,thanks
I have a ms-7525 motherboard, I was using it with core 2 duo e7400, but today I uploaded the modded bios published by the friend of the subject and the core 2 quad q9650 with lga 775 pin and 4 cores worked perfectly without any problems. Thank you very much deathbringer from Turkey with love

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