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Asus h110m-a & xeon e3-1280v5
(04-19-2024, 09:12 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: So you can press Yes for all warnings in FIT.
Thanks you:

So, I have outimage.bin.

How do I flash this image?
By any suitable hardware programmer.
(04-19-2024, 09:25 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: By any suitable hardware programmer.

I found something.
What do you think about this method for remove ME:

I think I may flash bios entirely using FTP and disabling temporary ME using bios feature which able it to be flashed from next boot until reboot.
Im not sure if these other methods for disabling ME may help to Xeon recognition, what do you think?
You can try HDA_SDO method.
(04-19-2024, 02:48 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: You can try HDA_SDO method.

I've searched about that, supposedly it does the same thing as booting into a mode that can be modified with FPT. I have dumped the complete bios with FPT and have verified that the binary is different from the vendor version converted to bin. The size is the same as expected. When adding the dumped version to the FIT program, some warning messages appear.

"Warning: Could not set "GbE Read Access" to: 0x00000008, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF
Warning: Could not set "Embedded Controller Write Access" to: 0x00000020, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF 
Warning: Could not set "Embedded Controller Read Access" to: 0x00000020, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF 
Warning: The ME FW image loaded has been pulled from a previously booted system. Some FW settings will not be allowed to be changed. "

I am in no rush to do this and I prefer to be clear about what I am doing and learn at the same time.

I would like to know why there is this difference and if it would be convenient to flash the seller's modified version or make a new modified one from the dump. Thank you very much in advance

Someone lent me a programmer (EZP2019+) and I'm trying it out.
It has not worked with the newer bios, modifying it with FIT as DeathBringer said, and I have started trying with the old ones.

I have discovered a pattern, when I put a bios of the asus h110m-a before the 3000 series.

For example, the first bios, "H110M-A-ASUS-0304" in the FIT program, warning messages similar to those in the previous post appear. Does not detect partitions.

Messages like this:
"Warning: Could not set "GbE Read Access" to: 0x00000008, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF
Warning: Could not set "Embedded Controller Write Access" to: 0x00000020, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF
Warning: Could not set "Embedded Controller Read Access" to: 0x00000020, reverting to previous/default value: 0xFFF "

If I go ahead and modify the bios in the same way as the 3000 series onwards (no warning appears 3000 onwards), after burning the bios to the chip. The PC does not boot even with the stock CPU, which in this case is the i3-6100. The PC tries to boot but turns off and starts again.

Curiously, I also need to use that same computer for the "CSME System Tools v11 r46" FIT program to work.

Currently I am still doing tests, since I have the programmer I am not afraid of the brick. I would appreciate any suggestions that would help me achieve my purpose.

I finally got it to work. After trying almost everything. I'm going to explain what I did in case it helps someone in the future.

I have done several things, some were probably not necessary, such as modifying the microcodes so that the board accepts some coffelake.

1. (Probably not neccesary) This is the coffelake mod.
Used AllinOne.exe with option 1 on last vendor bios. In this case it was H110M-A-ASUS-3805.CAP (EDIT: Don't do this unless you use a virtual machine,  that automatic program to patch the bios introduces a virus into the computer, perhaps more, including an old well-known Trojan, it is not a false positive. It is better to use coffetime, or simply skip this step which is not necessary for xeon to work. )

2. Then I did what dsanke said there (same that Deathbringers said with extra steps). This is supposed to work to fix 200 series, but worked for my 100 series.

I used the modified bios from step 1, not a dumped one as dsanke said. Which should work, but in my case when I added a bios dumped with FPT to FIT, warning messages appeared, and these bios failed later, that's why I didn't do it with that dump version, and I used the one from the seller (also modified with step 1).

 Dsanke extra steps (with some notes)
"Open BIOS with FIT and save as a xml file, then edit it using a modern editor, not notepad provided by windows.
    1. search HostCpuWriteAccess, HostCpuReadAccess, MeWriteAccess, MeReadAccess, GbeWriteAccess, GbeReadAccess, EcWriteAccess, EcReadAccess, change the value to 0xFFF.
    2. search "Reserved value", change the value to Yes. -----------> This is the same that Deathbringer said in this forum
  1. replace the “ME Region.bin” in decomp folder with the version I have provided (this link:
  2. load xml in fit, then build. flash outimage.bin.
3. Then, I flashed that bios on the chip using the programmer someone lent me. The chip is placed and flashed as shown in this tutorial I found (Its neccesary to erase it before flash). And put on the motherboard with Xeon e3 1280v5 placed. It is necessary that there be a graphics card because this processor does not have an integrated one. If not, three beeps and one long beep will sound.

It works beyond my expectations, I thought I wouldn't get it!

Thanks to Deathbringer for the help and I hope this message helps more people.

P.D. Discovered why FIT wasn't working on the other computer. It's because the name of the folder where it was had an accent.

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