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[REQUEST] HP ProBook 4320s Whitelist Removal
(07-10-2021, 11:14 AM)Maxinator500 Wrote:
(07-10-2021, 10:39 AM)CSH Wrote: What can I do?
Try again with this BIOS.

Thank you Maxinator500!
I tried it, and it works!
My Windows can recognise my WIFI card!!
Forgive me for not replying. It seems I cannot turn it on by the wifi-switch-button on the keyboard. So, I re-install the Windows to work on it, but this takes time cause it's not easy to find a LAN cable.
Is it possible that this situation is due to the BIOS-mod?
(07-12-2021, 12:44 PM)CSH Wrote: Is it possible that this situation is due to the BIOS-mod?
I dont know.
Many laptop owners report a similar problem, but not all install modified bios. If before that the wireless button worked, and after the mod stopped, then you better find confirmation of this. The changes made to your dump are minor.
Request to remove whitelist for HP Probook 4320s
Dear experts!
Still interested in the issue of removing the whitelist on the HP probook 4320s laptop, is it possible?
Duplicate characteristics:
-Manufacturer: HP
- Motherboard model: HP probook 4320s
- BIOS version: 68AHH Ver. F.04 25.03.2010
- BIOS type: Compaq EFI
-Bios Download Link:
-Current Original Card: PCI \ VEN_14E4 & DEV_4315 & SUBSYS_1508103C & REV_01 Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
-Map is new to be added: the model of the map is not defined.
Thanks in advance.
(09-03-2021, 07:02 AM)vit2010 Wrote: Still interested in the issue of removing the whitelist on the HP probook 4320s laptop, is it possible?
Yes, until your BIOS is not updated to the F.20 version. After that the modified BIOS does not install without using a SPI programmer. I think I can modify F.0E for you.
I think it would be good if other Wi-Fi cards could be used. What else is required of me at the moment?
(09-08-2021, 11:49 AM)vit2010 Wrote: What else is required of me at the moment?
The last requirement is the installation of the modified BIOS. And the way to do this is to run "Windows/HPQflash.exe".
After that, your BIOS version will be F.0E, and according to CSH, your ProBook will work with other Wi-Fi cards. Since you both have the same BIOS, we can find out if the modification really affects the work of a wireless button, or if he simply forgot to install the driver for a new card.
the attempt to update failed. the laptop does not boot, the capsule is on, the processor cooler is working at maximum ...
(09-08-2021, 11:02 PM)vit2010 Wrote: the laptop does not boot
I'm sorry, because of this BIOS your laptop is formaly broken now. You can recover it using a SPI programmer only((((
I have not studied the BIOS modification process well enough, so I was deluded that such an old version does not require a patch for fixing a BIOS protection by sign. The same problem was described in the third post, but somehow I missed the message about it.
I will redo this mod, but only you can save yourself.
Yes, of course, I'll save myself Smile will it be possible to check other options after that?
(09-09-2021, 01:56 AM)vit2010 Wrote: will it be possible to check other options after that?
What would you want?

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