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[REQUEST] Eglobal S210H BIOS Unlock
@genius239, I've read that PDF yesterday. I switched on "Secure Boot" in standard mode. The other settings are just hidden. And here is what I see when running "tpm.msc":

So, I have no clue what is happening also )

I think you have to wait until the menus unlocked then you just can do complete test in the bios.

Since Windows 11 is coming soon, I have tried to enable on my S210H "TPM" according to the instructions from CotswoldPhoto.
You did the bios mod for me in March (post #14, #15) but I cannot find this option at all (Trusting Computer).
In the PTT configuration, it does not keep the PTT setting.
It just go back to dTPM and nothing will be displayed additonally under advanced.

When I check the bios version number, CotswoldPhoto has a newer bios version.
But when I check the very first screenshot from Surfer420 (post #7), he has the same bios version like me but he has this "Trusting Computer" below debug settings in his advanced menu...

Could it be that my modded bios is somehow not fully unlocked?

Under normal conditions ,even we do nothing ,you still see at least one "Trusted Computing" ,if you can't see it it means bios detected something happen or the hardware is not support.

You could attach the bios dump ,i will check it again.

It's very strange that I cannot see it.
When I got the modded bios from you, I didn't check after this feature because it wasn't needed...

Ok, here is my bios dump again.
Thanks for checking it.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 6.36 MB / Downloads: 4)

I've sent you a PM yesterday ,don't you receive it?

(08-22-2021, 08:24 PM)genius239 Wrote: @laschlo

I've sent you a PM yesterday ,don't you receive it?

Thanks, now I have time to check it....

I have tried both versions now.
Each is showing me Trusted Computing now but I had no success to enable TPM.
Maybe it doesn't have the TPM chip on it?
Thanks anyway for your help!
Maybe ,but i'm not sure. some s210h model can enable TPM but some can't. You should to ask offical if it include tpm support.

If it support ,only need to enable " Security Device Support" and set "TPM Device Selection" to PTT in the bios ,it should activate this feature. If there is a tmp connector on the board ,you may consider purchase a tpm module.


Yes, maybe there are different models.
I have noticed that CotswoldPhoto has a different CPU than me, mine is a i9-9880h.
There are other ways to bypass this TPM check, we will see how Microsoft will do this when it gets released.
I could see that it's possible to disable all the checks within the registry.

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