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[REQUEST] Eglobal S210H BIOS Unlock

The file size was too big to attach, so here it is on my Google Drive:

[link redacted]

Try this mod and respond to the result.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click

The flash worked OK, no hitches :-)

I accessed that setting, and set it to PTT, but no effect in Windows. It still says no TPM.

If I look at this:

It suggests another setting should be there?
Yes, you could try to set "Security Device Support" to enable under Trusted Computing tabs.

On my b150 motherboard ,option "Security Device Support" is enable by default ,so i only adjust "TPM Device Selection" ,then tpm is active.

*. i'm going to bed ,see you next time! Good luck~

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click

I do not see this option?

"Security Device Support" to enable under Trusted Computing tabs.
So, after a few hit and miss trials, I now have a BIOS from @genius239 that enables the S210H to have Windows 11 installed, with the TPM 2 working! Some screenshots of what I now see:

tpm.msc report:
Windows 10 PC Health Check 'Introducing Windows 11' check:
WhyNotWin11 report:

I will post up screenshots of the Aptio BIOS changes needed (there were four changes needed, some requiring a reboot between changes) later. I have to go to work now.

One very happy bunny.
To follow up, I made a pdf file with a bunch of screenshots and explanation:

You're a so serious man ,if it was me ,i'm very lazy.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click


hehe. typical me. autistic. attention to detail. maybe it will help others. pay it forward I say.
Dear Genius 239,
I have the same wish as the other requests.
Would you be so kind to unlock my bios the advanced option.

Thanks in advance

i9 9880h
200 series

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