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[REQUEST] Lenovo Legion 5 (EFCNxxWW) BIOS Unlock

Can someone help with unlocking advanced BIOS settings.

Model: Legion 5 17ARH05H
Product number: 82GN
Bios Version: FSCN18WW


Can anyone help with unlocking advanced bios settings? I searched all the forums with instructions but did not find anything on my PC. I would be glad for any help Smile Sorry for the grammatical errors, I use a translator.

Model: Lenovo Legion Y520 15ikbn
Product number: 80WK
Bios version: 4KCN45WW

Can anyone help with unlocking advanced bios settings etc
model legion 5i
bios EFCN52WW
thank you
Good afternoon, could you unlock the advanced BIOS settings.

Model: Legion 5i 15IMH05H
BIOS Version/Date LENOVO EFCN54WW, 02/14/2022
BaseBoard Product LNVNB161216
BaseBoard SDK0R33126 WIN Version
SMBIOS Version 3.2
System Model 82CF
Hey can you Unlock this Bios ? Legion 5 15IMH05 ?
Bios Link:
Official Support Link:

I've exported the newest bios for 15 ihm05h. Can be the advanced setting be unlocked? Could anyone share me the howto, of help to have the current latest BIOS in unlocked state? I have an usb flash programmer for worst case but don't know which chip will be bios chip... Big Grin

I done the following guide to extract the bios from the lenevo's flasher app

- Create a new folder (eg. bios), then copy Bios.exe and use 7zip to extract the dependencies innoextract, InsydeImageExtractor, UEFITool into it.
- Open cmd and change the current directory to the folder you created. (eg. > cd Desktop/bios)
- Run the command > innoextract Bios.exe
- Open the newly generated Bios.exe in the app folder with 7zip as archive, and then extract the files from the archive.
- Copy extractor.exe, msvcr120.dll, and change the current directory to the app folder.
- Run the command > extractor Bios.fd out.fd

Thank you in advance
Lenovo Legion 5P 15IMH05H
Bios version: EFCN57WW
Here's files

Bios.fd stock file (17mb):
Extracted bios.fd file(16mb):
and same file bin format:

I need unlock Advanced menu.
So should I flash new modded file on a flash programmer?
Legion 5 15IMH05H
Bios version:EFCN57WW

Need Unlock advanced menu please thank you
How do I get my bios dump?
Hello People, been looking around Internet looking for a way to unlock my Bios Advanced menu to do undervolt in my Laptop but everything i tried dont seems to work.
My laptop is a Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H and bios is EFCN58WW

Is still possible to do it? and what will be the steps? thanks in advance.
-Manufacturer : Lenovo
-Model : Legion 5-15IMH05H
-Bios Revision : EFCN58WW
-Bios Type : ??
-Bios SLIC : ??
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything report.

Hi, hope you are doing well. 
I am looking forward to enable the correct speed on my Lenovo RAM to 3200mhz as opposed to the locked 2933mhz.
I would require access to the Advanced BIOS settings that are currently locked. 
No tools I could find worked. 

Could you please guide me on how to provide the information you need in order to do this? 
I could not find the information. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.  

PS: I do apologise but this is my first time posting and having replaced my RAM thought everything would work fine.

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