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I have created this Wiki article so that CRISIS Recovery key combinations for various computer and BIOS models can be documented and stored in a central location.

All of the key combinations listed in this Wiki are derived purely from user submissions from across the internet. I cannot verify the accuracy of any of these key combinations.

List of possible key combinations:
•combinations of Ctrl, Fn, Win, & Alt with the other options

  • Format: The "+" in between keys is not a character that you press. It is a deliminator.
    (Example) For "Win+F" you would press "Win" AND "F".

Helpful Resources:
CRISIS Recovery Instructions



No. Computer Model BIOS Model Key Combination
1 LT3112h Win+B

To-Do List:
• Create tables for more computer manufacturers
• Add sections for BIOS types other than Phoenix
• As the page grows, the need for a table of contents will increase as well
• As the page grows, the need for collapsible page sections will increase as well