BIOS-Mods Server Back Online

Dear Community,

For nearly 10 hours on Thursday, November 18th, 2011, the BIOS-Mods servers went offline unexpectedly. Our hosting provider had turned off our server after seeing a “large number” of connections to the site. The site went offline without notification, and our community was not informed of the downtime mainly because we weren’t informed either.

While we are looking into a possible DDoS attack or similar spamming attack, we appreciate your patience. BIOS-Mods has had a very reputable history of maintaining a 99% plus uptime rating, and we want to keep it this way.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Some Site Issues

Hi Everyone

If you experienced a little downtime yesterday , it was due to our host being under a DDOS attack. The threat has hopefully now passed and we are back up and running as normal now. Also , Google had to recrawl our entire site , after changing the forums location with the main site launch!

Thanks For Your Patience

Kind Regards , Happy Modding!

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Server Maintenance

Hi Everyone

Apologies for the downtime , but we are doing some server maintenance and upgrading our forum software to the latest version

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Server Migration Successful

Hi Everyone

I am happy to report that we have now moved over to the new fast server while still maintaining uptime , Hopefully you can see the difference!!!

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Admin Back!

Hi Everyone

I’m happy to announce that i have returned from my nice holiday and am completely refreshed and ready to start modding again!

Apologies for the site downtime , there was little I could do about it when I was away. TheWiz is now kindly hosted the forum database , so we shouldn’t run into using too much resources now! 😀

The forum has been successfully restored to when the site went down, on November 3, 2009 at 2:48 pm ET

I’m glad to be back and look forward to answering your requests

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Hey Everyone

We are currently experiencing a few problems. I logged in this morning to find an email “Your Hosting Account Has Been Suspended”. Seems like something (Or SOMEONE) was taking the server resources. After getting unsuspended , i successfully got bios mods back , only to find that the most recent post was 2nd October!. Strangely enough , the newest user at that time was that horrible hacker! I attempted to restore the database to yesterday (I have a working backup of October 7th) , but our host is doing some Mysql /PhpMyAdmin maintenance which will not be finished for a few days! so we were unable to restore our backup.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Computer Hotfix Down For Maintenance

See here for more information


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More Spamming!

User: Coolboy

IP Banned , Email Disallowed , Username banned , Permanent Aaccount Ban , reported to ISP

Sorry for inconvenience we are working on restoration now
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