Dear Community,

It has been quite a while since I have updated our members and visitors on the site’s status and discussed where we are looking to continue improving upon BIOS-Mods’ reputation as the number one BIOS/hardware modification community on the internet.

The amount of data we have collected on the BIOS modification process is tremendous. Over the past several years, we have successfully unlocked hundreds of motherboards and have created a readily available repository of modified BIOS images. As BIOS-Mods continues to gain user requests and interest in unlocking new motherboards with the latest technologies, we have continued to provide modified images for many mainstream consumer platforms thanks to the dedication, time, and effort of many talented community members.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Success: NVIDIA GTX 580M SLI on Alienware M17x-R2 Laptop

With the release of Dell Alienware’s M18x laptop, many gamers and enthusiasts have been impressed by the performance seen with its dual NVIDIA GTX 580M SLI graphics cards. Owners of the M18x predecessor, the M17x-R2, upgraded their laptops from the 285M SLi configuration to that of the 580M SLI platform, thinking it would be an easy upgrade to make their laptop of equal value in comparison to the M18x. Unfortunately, while the 580M cards were installed correctly, SLI was not enabled in the driver as the graphics upgrade was not natively supported by Alienware or Dell, effectively only allowing the use of one GPU.
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How to Get Involved with the Largest BIOS Modding Community on the Internet

BIOS-Mods has grown over the last ten years to be the largest BIOS Update and Modification Resource on the internet. Started in 2001, it has grown to be the largest site for taking requests and completing motherboard BIOS modifications through our forums, live chat interface, and digital resources. After changing administration in 2009, the growth in community support in our forums has been overwhelmingly positive. During this month (December 2011), our traffic levels exceeded the bandwidth available on our current servers, and we purchased dedicated servers so that our community could continue to grow without limitation.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

New Technique in BIOS Modding Brings Great Success

As we continue our quest to enhance users BIOSes, a new general technique has emerged that has proven more successful than previously thought. Coined Retail BIOS matching, many of us here at BIOS-Mods have had great success unlocking motherboards that share similar characteristics to other retail boards. This concept is a rather new approach, as people were advised against it because the odds were so little of a successful flash.

So what has changed that is redefining this technique? The first major change is that BIOS developers are now programing in languages such as C over the traditional ASM model.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Great News For All Site Users!

Hey Everyone

We bring good news for you all!

We have spent the last couple of days working out how to optimize the sites CSS and Javascript to improve page load times and overall site performance. I am happy to report that with the help of a fantastic little piece of software called W3Compiler , we have been successful. We have ran a website optimization report using before and after using the compressed java and css. Here are the results for different connection speeds with the 1st figure before optimization and the 2nd figure after optimization:-

14.4K – 267.81 seconds 179.94 seconds
28.8K – 143.50 seconds 96.67 seconds
33.6K – 125.75 seconds 84.78 seconds
56K – 83.13 seconds 56.23 seconds
ISDN 128K – 38.78 seconds 26.52 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps – 20.90 seconds 14.54 seconds

As you can see , this is a fair performance increase and is quite significant for our users on slower internet connections.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Intel SLIC 2.1 Modding Possible!

Hey Everyone

Im happy to announce that Intel SLIC 2.1 Modding is now available for all Intel Motherboards.

Please read Here for more info.

1234s282… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

We Have Installed The Wibiya Toolbar!

After seeing some other sites with this toolbar , i dug through the source to work out exactly what it was. Being so impressed i installed it into our forums!

The Wibiya toolbar provides the following features:-

Live Notifications – Send messages to users in real time!
Translate – Direct translation to Chinese , Dutch , English , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portugese , Russian And Spanish.
Recent Posts – Viewed direct from toolbar!
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Latest RSS Posts
Share – Allows visitors to share the current page via email , Myspace , Facebook , Twitter , Google Bookmarks , Delicious and more!… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Intel UEFI Motherboard 2.1 SLIC Modding May Be Possible!

Hey Everyone

Ive got some really good news for owners of Intel motherboards which use the UEFI framework (Newer BIOS). Up until now Intel boards couldnt be modded for SLIC 2.1 but after some hours of scouring the internet I found a post which i translated and am ready to provide to those willing to test.

In theory , this method should work for ALL Intel Motherboards using UEFI. The original poster has fully confirmed this mod working on an Intel DG45ID motherboard , so you should at least give it a go if you have one of these!

Basically , the mod allows you to access the UEFI Terminal Interface and therefore lets you “Inject” a Dell 2.1 SLIC into the bios.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading