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AMD Engineering Sample modding bios
    [attachment=129][attachment=131]         [/size]Hello to everyone...

I have a question that worring me ?!!?

No more time ago, I bought a collection cpu:

an AMD engineering sample; a socket 754 that works at 2400 mhz,

with 1600 mhz of HTT and a V-core value of 1,55 volts.

The CPU run perfectly, sfortunately these caracteristics

haven't been recognized by BIOS

but I have to set-up by specifics software like 'amd 64-info' or

'htt manager' after the system boot-up.

I wonder if is there any kind of method to mod my 'AMI' BIOS

and fix CPU internal multiplier at 12x,

HTT multiplier at 4x, V-core value at 1.55 volts,

and rename cpu like "AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3700+" ???

When I use Amibcp to mod my bios-rom I found in the 'bios strings' section following values:

processor frequency multiplier (12x 2400 mhz); processor voltage (1.550 V); htt frequency (800 mhz)...

How can I insert them in the bios-rom ???

Anticipately thanks

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