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AMI BIOS update image (Assistance)
Hi! I have been meaning to update my BIOS since what I have now doesn't have overclocking tools. I was following the instructions on the BIOS Update page but then it required to copy a BIOS update image to the flash disk. I have no idea where to get it so to be sure I'm seeking for help here. I have this:

 vendor   American Megatrends Inc.
 version   080013
 date   08/30/2007
 ROM size  512 KB
DMI System Information  
 manufacturer  TriGem ComputerInc.
 product   DREAMSYS
 version   1.0
 serial   unknown
 UUID   {03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009}
 SKU   unknown
 family   unknown
DMI Baseboard  
 vendor   TriGem ComputerInc.
 model   DREAMSYS
 revision  1.0
 serial   unknown
DMI System Enclosure  
 manufacturer  TriGem ComputerInc.
 chassis type  Desktop
 chassis serial  unknown
DMI Processor  
 manufacturer  Intel
 model   Pentium® Dual-Core  CPU      E5200  @ 2.50GHz
 clock speed  2400.0 MHz
 FSB speed  200.0 MHz
 multiplier  12.0x

------------------------------------------------------from CPU-Z

I might as well ask if I am on the right track of overclocking my cpu by updating my BIOS in the hopes that the update would give my BIOS the ability to overclock my cpu?

I hOpe for your sincere response. Thank you!
Need image of Mainboard Tab in CPU-z. I doubt you will find overclocking options, but you may be able to update BIOS
(09-11-2018, 10:59 PM)Lost_N_BIOS Wrote: Need image of Mainboard Tab in CPU-z.  I doubt you will find overclocking options, but you may be able to update BIOS

Hey, here it is.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Sorry, that didn't help much either due to system age. Is there model name/number anywhere on the system?
I have only got RC415ST-TM sticker on the motherboard. It seems to be the motherboard model again? That's what it looks like when I googled it over. Also, another sticker of Rev. V73 if it is of any help.
Yes, and that is a desktop motherboard? Is this a desktop system? Is there no stickers on front, back, or bottom of case with model numbers on it?
Please link the BIOS Update page you were reading, unless it's a "General" how to update BIOS page for any motherboard.

We may not be able to find BIOS download, possibly best we can do is get BIOS backup and update/modify that.
make a dump of the BIOS with AFU, from command line or DOS
AFU /O bios.bin
Yes, it is a desktop motherboard. Any other stickers are of the casing Foxconn. The BIOS update I was reading was the BIOS UPDATE page here on biosmods.

Regarding that, I really don't know anything about these things of the BIOS. So here's what I did. I downloaded the file from the link you gave and ran the code from command line for SAVING CURRENT BIOS ROM to file.

afuwinx64 bios.bin /o

That was the proper syntax of the code from the pdf manual. I got this bios.bin file now.
It's OK, I thought maybe you were reading BIOS update method on some manufacturer page, so I wanted to look hoping maybe I could find a download there. Please upload the bios.bin you have now, I will see what can be updated
Hey, here it is.

Attached Files
.bin   bios.bin (Size: 512 KB / Downloads: 3)
Thanks, at quick glance I can update CPU microcodes for you, your CPU's ID is not even in there 10676 or 1067A (Neither is there). That might get you the .5 CPU multi so you can have 12.5 instead of 12, but I am not sure, will have to look at rest of BIOS to confirm, some BIOS do not support the 0.5 multi until actual BIOS update. I'll look in BIOS and see

*Edit, I see several hidden settings I can enable for you too, not for overclocking but CPU related (EIST, C1E and few others) I can also enable health sensors section, to show temps, voltages, fan speeds, fan controls etc, but if your board does not have the sensor hardware those will not work properly.

Ohh! I found FSB control too, and memory freq. So yes, some overclocking functions, but limited. Give me some time I will edit and post mod BIOS for you!

Please download HWInfo64 (You can do zip-run from folder-portable version, or installer).
And then run this, don't change settings that first pop up, just hit run (Not senor only) and then post an image of the CPU-z like screen, so I can check what microcode is currently being used by your CPU, since the actual microcode for your CPU is not included in the BIOS

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