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Acer 5741G BIOS to Packard Bell TM86
Hi all,

Firstly, I think the places of Fn keys are set by BIOS on a notebook computer, and the entire topic is based on that thought. If I have a wrong point, please warn me about that first.

I have replaced my Packard Bell Easy Note TM86's keyboard with Acer Aspire 5741G's keyboard. (These two computers are identical products of the same manufacturer with different brands, design and keyboard layouts.[you can see the F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 keys' difference on the attached images])

But now I have a problem. Acer and Packard Bell's Fn key layouts are different and even I am using Acer's keyboard, my computer recognizes buttons as they are before.

I thought BIOS sets these buttons' places and downloaded the Acer 5741g's BIOS from Acer website. Flashed it and it works, but as a Packard Bell BIOS!

This is probably because of the BIOS ROM contains these two identical brand's content and it works in a way according to the computer's brand information.

I can imagine two solutions to use Acer's key layout on my computer, but don't have any idea about how to implement them.

-First is changing my computer's brand records from Packard Bell to Acer and using the computer as Acer Aspire 5741G
-And the second one is modifying ROM's content in terms of key layout and continue to use it as a Packard Bell but with a changed key layout.

Which is more rational in the working algorhythm of BIOS system? And how can I do these changes?

I don't exactly know what SLIC refers to, so sorry if I opened this topic in the wrong section.

.jpg   acer.jpg (Size: 132.76 KB / Downloads: 12)
.jpg   packardtm8602.jpg (Size: 110.72 KB / Downloads: 12)
These two computers have the power button on the different sides of computer and they are plugged in to different slots. (Motherboard has the same plug in two places and one of them is empty in all cases.)

Is there any possibility of that power board's place determines the BIOS brand? Might it be a switch / jumper at the same time?
I have the same problem with an Acer 5741g's keyboard on a Packard Bell TM85.
I know the 2 notebooks have the same bios, but I don't know how it recognizes the brand and the model of those and set the corresponding logo and keyboard layout.
Is there someone who knows bios modding and these particular aspects of bios?
Is there a solution to get working acer's keyboard on a Packard Bell?

Will be also useful move the post in the right section..

Thanks in advance!

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