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Acer Aspire M5201
Hello everyone,

I have the acer aspire m5201 and I would like to change the FSB settings but I can't. All the FSB and frequency options are grayed out and I can't select them.
I would just like to know what I could do to access these options to overclock my computer.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. My Bios version is v02.61 American Megatrends Inc. R01-B3 dated 10/31/2008
Which options exactly and what menus do they appear under

Because ive just downloaded the R01-B3 update from acer and had a look and nothing is hidden!
Hi. I have the same problem with impossibility of overclocking but I have BIOS Brand American Megatrends Inc.
Version R01-B2
Date 08/15/2008
so I don't know if I can reinstall it to R01-B3 or R01-B4 or R01-C0 which I found on official website (Desktop-Aspire-M5201-BIOS)
and used to be for Acer Aspire M5201...?
You should install the latest (R01-C0) - it should be compatible if its listed on the official website! Tongue

Then if you still dont have the overclocking options try pressing Ctrl F1 , Ctrl Home , or Ctrl F9 in the BIOS to see i f this displays any advanced options (which sometimes happens Smile)

Hi. Now I've got a great problem. Somthing broke when i was installing R01-C0 version (after that i found out that i must have R01-B3 or R01-B4 first to be able install R01-C0) so now i have only black screen. Can somebody help me? PC do not have a diskete drive A: so i can't repair my BIOS in normal way of repairing AMI BIOS. I tried to plug one, but it does not start, so i can't just press CTRL+HOME to load R01-B2 version from it. Only CD-ROM look like it's working but i didn't find any way how to repair AMI BIOS from DVD. Only Award BIOS read any bootable stuff with DOS and utility for reinstalling BIOS and some autorun (because grafic is not running too).
So, do somebody know what to do now(except some professional servis which cost a lot)? Maybe some restart on MotherBoard to load and repair BIOS from BOOTBLOCK??? Or anything else??? I realy don't know...
Thanx much
Is that what your board looks like?

Do you see an 8-pin IC between a heatsink and a battery? Has "MX" written in the upper left corner. That's the BIOS chip. If it's your board, you're lucky since it's not soldered. Meaning - you can flash it on another similar board (by similar I mean any board with such BIOS chip).

You can start looking for a friend that has one. Appears often on top Asus, most AsRock boards. Not Gigabyte - those are likely to have a soldered one.

Then you need to make a bootable USB flash drive (I'll add instructions a bit later). You stick a prepared flash with flashing utility and your BIOS, boot DOS then most gently remove the present BIOS chip and input yours. And don't mess up and stick it up side down - the chip has a half-circle lowering on the left side (sides are oriented as the text is written on the chip) for orientation. Or you can look at the text to check whether it's inserted properly.

Then you write a command line and your done.

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