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Acer Predator G9-792 P5NCN P7NCN rev 2.0 Reboots with no image after FW update
Hello Guys,
I have got this Acer-Predator-G9-792-P5NCN-P7NCN-rev-2-0, where the customer was trying to update driver firmware under Windows with a firmware update tool. Seem like he bricks the machine, and now it turns on with the Acer chime sound, but no response after that. No picture on the screen and no response from the keyboard either.

It keeps rebooting 3-4 times and shuts down afterwards.

I am assuming he flashed the bios and got it corrupted.

Attached is his current bios. I tried to flash BIOS from @maxiholic's tread - with no success? With the origianl BIOS it tries to start but reboots with no image. With these 2 flash on both chips, the power button light stays on, but no fan spin.

Do I need to mod something on the BIOS before I flash it?

Thanks for the input.

Attached Files
.zip   PREDATOR 15-P5NCN-P7NCN REV 2.0 - Reboots with Acer sound and no (Size: 6.81 MB / Downloads: 1)

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