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Acer TravelMate P253-M Corrupt Bios
I've found a few old threads relating to this laptop but i've been unable to resolve the issue as many of the links are dead etc.

I've got a 2013 i3 Acer TravelMate P253-M which powers on, fans spin up, occasionally beeps however there is no display.

I'm unsure what BIOS it is and I'm unable to check as I can't get the display on, googling seemed to point to an Insyde BIOS.

I have tried various guides but either im doing something wrong or have the incorrect BIOS file. 

I've been using Q5WV1X64.fd on a FAT32 formatted 125mb USB (yes mb, it was the only one I could find under 2gb).

Any advice or assistance would be great.

How do you know the BIOS is corrupted, did you give it a bad flash? If not, it could just be a dead graphics chip. Not same laptop, but similar to give you general method

See also, post #6 for method described

Do you get info on screen when you hold Fn+Esc and then power up? If not, dead graphics possibly

Q5WV1X64.fd is correct recovery name
Thanks for the reply,

I can't be 100% sure its a corrupt BIOS, as it came to me this way, thanks for confirming that it's the correct recovery name.
Looking at it again you could be right regarding the dead graphics as I've not been able to get anything on the display.

I'll give it one last try using the method you linked, thanks!
You're welcome! I've never dealt with this myself, so was only going by past laptop experiences, and what I read in a few recovery guides for your specific system it looked like you should at least be seeing some things on the screen once you start the recovery process even if it fails or doesn't work etc.

Does this system have external graphics port, where you could hook up a monitor, to also rule out dead LCD Screen, disconnected LCD Cable etc. If you can, maybe take it apart and disconnect/reconnect the LCD Cables, that way you at least know it has a good connection. Without external monitor connection, it will be tough to rule out if the LCD is faulty or not.

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