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AsRock N68C-S UCC am2+ to am3+ CPU upgrade
Hello. I would like to know if you can help me (and if it's possible) to upgrade my am2+ Asrock N68C-S UCC to an am3+ because i want to install an AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz, Vishera core (not the bulldozer). I currently have a phenom II x4 955 on my mobo and 4gb DDR3 ram, a western digital 500gb sata 3 hdd (which works in sata 2 due to the mobo limitations) and a HD7770 graphics card.

Current bios
AMI Bios (version P1.50)

There is an AM3+ motherboard ( N68C-GS FX ) from AsRock that seems to be 100% identical with my N68-C S UCC motherboard.

My N68C-S UCC mobo

The N68C-GS FX mobo with AM3+

Please help me, this is my first post here. I'm sorry if i spelled something wrong, i've learnt English on my own.
Hello, I have an old Asrock N68C-S UCC and I want to modify the bios for support AM3+ 95W CPUs.

N68C-S UCC is almost like N68C-GS FX which supports some FX-series 95W CPUS (4100, 4150 and 4300)

AsRock N68C-S UCC  -
AsRock N68C-GS FX -

They are like a twins, еverything is the same with the exception of LAN chip. N68C-S UCC has RTL8201EL and N68C-GS FX has RTL8211CL.
Can I flash directly N68C-GS FX bios to N68C-S UCC?
If not, can you help me to modify N68C-S UCC bios to support 95W AM3+ CPUs?
I believe that N68C-S UCC can support 95W AM3+

I've I tried to open bioses with MMtool but I have no idea which CPU patches to add for AM3+

Also can I add support not only for 4100, 4150 and 4300 but also for FX-6100 and 6300 (95W)?

[Image: IHnjJeQ.jpg]
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
Oh, okay. I'm newbie and I have no idea about that. I thought it was something like modding LGA775 bios for 771 CPU support by adding cpu microcodes.

But just for test I've flashed mobo N68C-S UCC with bios from N68C-GS FX and it works perfect! Mobo now says its a model "N68C-GS FX" Smile

Also from youtube I saw a video that stock N68C-GS FX bios can run even FX-6300.

I flashed the bios chip with a cheap USB Programmer CH341A ($3 USD on eBay):
1. Erase chip with N68C-S UCC bios
2. Blank chek to be sure the chip is really blank
3. Program the chip with N68C-GS FX bios
4. Put the chip back to mobo N68C-S UCC and enter into bios (F2) and check the mobo is now shows as model N68C-GS FX

As I said, it works!

I have no idea if you can flash the chip via Windows method, DOS method or Instant Flash from the bios menu because you may get an error for incompatible bios version!

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