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Asrock 1333 1394 FSB Strap
Hey, Is it possible for you guys to mod my bios so I can change the FSB Strap from 800
MHZ to 1066 MHZ? I am asking because My Pentium Dual Core E2160 Which is cable of overclocking to 3ghz on stock stock voltage has only been able to Overclock up to 2.4 GHZ By increasing the CPU Frequency to 269 and the Pci-E frequency to 120. IF iI try to raise the PCI-E any higher my Sata drives will get disable and if I try to raise the CPU Frequency my computer will not boot to Bios on reboot. My overclock has been pretty stable. Bsel Modding is not an option for me since I tried it and nothing happen However the volt mod does work but it didn't help me with overclocking , instead it just added more temp to my CPU so I decided to take it off.

Here is the Link to my Bios

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