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Asus X55VD
My Asus X55VD Rev. 2.1 doesn't boot, it just turn on but nothing happens, black screen. As i understand my bios got corrupted and needs to be reflashed with new bios with correct ME region, so laptop works properly. This happened after i changed one setting in bios something about animaited logo. Bios was official from asus website. Before that everything was working fine.
Help would be appreciated.

.bin   ASUS X55VD REV.2.1 DUMP.bin (Size: 8 MB / Downloads: 1)
Do you have flash programmer? If yes, is the above dump your system dump or someone elses? ME Region may be fine, you just may need that one setting changed back to default, it possibly enabled some other setting that's not compatible with your graphics, or could have just been a random fluke it messed up. If you have programmer you can test again by changing only same setting and see.

This setting was already visible to you in default BIOS correct? If yes, then it should be OK to change it.

The attached dump is corrupt, not from BIOS corruption either, this is that way due to being dumped with incorrect software version (if using CH341A), or possibly choosing wrong BIOS chip ID. What is your BIOS chip ID, and what software version did you dump that with? Keep trying until you get a file that opens properly, and looks "Similar" to stock BIOS region (from asus download) in UEFITool. You can also check via Hex editor, once it's a proper dump it will not look all so similar like your file above

Here is software package for CH341A with many versions, try 1.30 and 1.34, but I can't say for sure which might be best until I know your chip ID
Yes i have CH341A programmer, forgot to mention that is my BIOS what i got with programmer. Probably i didn't dump it correctly.
That setting what i changed was visible in my BIOS all the time, and it was disabled when i changed it to enabled. After exiting BIOS menu, laptop didn't boot.
I used CH341A software 1.34 and my bios chip is Winbond 25Q64FVSIG. The exact bios id wasn't there but using auto detect it choosed W25Q64FV.
Thanks for clarifying. Yes, it's a bad dump, try again until we get it correct. For W25Q64FV, use software 1.30 and W25Q64BV as the ID, make a dump using that and send to me to check. I'll change that setting back and send it back to you to test to see if that fixes it, if not I'll redo and clean/update your ME FW

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