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[Business request] Update microcode in Intel NUC BIOS
Hi all,

I already tried to update ucode myself in multiple ways. Nothing worked.
But I know it is possible to update it without requesting Intel support.
Still I requested it but they answered with estimation of few months of waiting period.

I tried:

1. Internal flash utility.
I updated microcode in officially released BIOS - UEFITool shows proper revision and checksum.
But after trying to update with internal tool it fails with error:
Incompatible BIOS version, Update aborted.

I believe there is other checksum which need to be adjusted. This method is confirmed to be working (but I don't know what need to be fixed here)

2. I have tried FPT method in
Error 559: EOM prevents IFWI Prepare to Update from completing
Error 368: Failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space.

This method will probably not work as there is BIOS guard..

Like in title it is business offer. I would like to pay for help Wink So if any one could try I'm waiting.

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